Our spirits will be keeping traditions and history alive by providing a link into the past through a modern context. Creating North Georgia spirits, once a source of independence & rebellion, can now be done with honor. Whereas the crafters of the cash crop once flaunted the rules of the Union, the modern day moonshiner pays the governments share of taxes, knowing those funds will funnel back into the schools & roads, so necessary for commerce and education. 

Even though we’re just getting started legally, there are years and years of combined Alabama & Georgia family history that has been brought together to deliver high-quality, high-proof spirits here locally in North Georgia and distributed to the Southeast.

(Yes, you heard us right, one of our founders is originally from Alabama but don’t hold that against him!)



To create a unique and personal craft distillery experience for the locals & tourists by authentically producing premium spirits just like the ol’ timers from these parts, while spreading the history of our area. We’ll strive to foster a strong sense of community along with supporting local farmers and businesses.








Henry Fitzsimmons purchased Land Lots along Long Swamp Creek, establishing the first marble quarries and the first marble mill. (Long Swamp Marble Company). Years prior, Fitzsimmons was kicked off a stagecoach on the Old Federal Road for being drunk off whiskey and that led him to discovering marble in this location.

December 5, 1853:

Georgia Governor Herschel V. Johnson signed off to create Pickens County in honor of General Andrew Pickens.


City of Jasper was incorporated.

Jan. 22, 1865:

Newton Clark McClain was elected the Sheriff of Pickens County.


Cagle Brothers Distillery sold liquor to the locals.


Formation of the Georgia Marble Company by the original founders.

December 3, 1888:

The Honest Men’s Friend and Protector group left Sharp Top Mountain to go commit arson on Jones Mountain against an informant.


Thomas “Tommie” Monroe Pendley and the Honest Man’s Friends and Protectors group were sentenced to terms in various state prisons for burning the home of supposed revenuer informants who they thought had reported the group for illicit whiskey making to federal agents).


Colonel Sam Tate takes control of Georgia Marble Company

January 17, 1920:

Beginning of Prohibition with the passage of the Volstead Act.


Building began on the Tate House out of a rare, bright pink marble, referred to as “Etowah” marble.


Connahaynee Lodge was built on Burrell Top of Burnt Mountain, 3,251 feet above sea level. (The lodge burned down on March 23, 1946)

December 5, 1933:

The 21st Amendment was ratified, ending Prohibition.

March 5, 1970:

From the North Georgia Tribune, Before the Laird family bought the Tate House, Sheriff Harley Cantrell and his staff busted this moonshine still in the attic of the Tate House.

Summer of 2021:

Sharptop Distilling Company established.

February 3, 2022:

Sharptop Distilling Company location announced!

Aug 2, 2022:

Introduction of our Sharptop Lawless Bourbon brand. This first product in the Lawless brand is our 24% Rye, McClain’s Cut.

Aug 5, 2022:

Smokey Mountain Signs installs our custom sign on the front of The Edge Building.

Sept 1, 2022:

Sharptop Distilling Company’s soft launch for JeepFest introducing our Night Ride Rum! SOLD OUT as of January 2023!

Sept 8, 2022:

Picked up our first batch of handmade bourbon barrels from Gainesville Cooperage 

Sept 9, 2022:

Randy Stamey (Jackie’s first cousin) started with the distillery to help distill and be a jack of all trades for anything needed at the distillery.

Sept 12, 2022:

Moved the old Copper Still display from the The Old Pickens County Jail into our tasting room area.

Oct 20, 2022:

First release of our in-house made Dead Mans Spring Orange & Cherry Bitters!

Nov 5, 2022:

First release of our Honest Man’s Friend & Protector Moonshine – true traditional Corn Whiskey made from local ole’ timer recipes!

Nov 12, 2022:

First release of our 1853 Peach Brandy. No artificial flavors or colors added to this clear liquor! Just fermented peaches distilled through a copper pot still. Named after the year Pickens County was formed in 1853.

Nov 17, 2022:

Starting working with B.J. Reece Orchard & Reece’s Cider House to get fresh apple’s to make our 1853 Apple Brandy.

Nov 29, 2022:

Worked on our first contract bottling job for Judge Roy Bean Spirits out of Fairhope, Alabama. It was distributed to ABC by John Emerald Distilling our of Opelika, Alabama.

Dec 6, 2022:

Released our Membership Clubs

Dec 14, 2022:

First Release of our Red-Headed Stepchild Cinnamon Whiskey

Dec 15, 2022:

Pickens County Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

March 1, 2023:

Our first order left to start Distribution to Liquor Stores & Restaurants in the surrounding Counties (Pickens, Cherokee & Gilmer)

April 20, 2023:

Alex Pagel started as our Tasting Room Sales Associate & Bartender

May 1, 2023:

We were ranked #5 in the Sippin’ Local list of Best Distilleries in Georgia!

June 3, 2023:

Hosted Jasper’s First Annual Amateur BBQ Cook-off right here in our side parking lot.

June 10, 2023:

Released our first Signature Drink menu in the tasting room.

July 19, 2023:

Private event for our club members to release our Connahaynee Reserve – Barrel Aged Whiskey

Sept 1, 2023:

Single Barrel Limited Edition release of our Aged Peach Brandy specific for JeepFest 2023.

Sept 6, 2023:

North Georgia Living magazine did a great article about us!

Oct 12, 2023:

We started our Acoustic Thursdays to help draw some new crowds into downtown Jasper, Georgia!

Nov 11, 2023:

We hosted Jasper’s First Annual Amateur Chili & Brunswick Stew Cook-off!

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